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The Mechanists

The Ecrou Bracelet

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A piece that holds everything together

Bracelet or Pendant M6 Ecrou by The Mechanists

Handcrafted in England

Sterling Silver 925

"With a shared true desire to create a modern interpretation of the most basic, yet significant piece of any motor. Our design team and artisan workshop have recreated a mechanic piece merging engineering & craftsmanship that will last you a lifetime."

For the extra hours in the garage



Model ▪ M6 Ecrou

Launching date. ▪ June 2020

Country ▪ France

Body Type ▪ Sterling Silver 925

Size ▪ 10mm diameter

Kerb Weight ▪ 3g approx.

Cord ▪ Available in different colours – adjustable manually

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Vincent Nart
Very happy

Very happy with bracelet. My second one. Regarding the service, I like the fact you sorted the tax and duties with the delivery, which allowed the parcel to be delivered directly in my mail box. FYI, we briefly met when you were at Goyard at Harrod’s.

Margot Reuter

great design, great price
not so satisfied with shipping costs