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The Mechanists


About this XK 140 DHC

Imported to the US by Hoffman in 1955, this Jaguar XK 140  Drophead Coupé (DHC), left-hand drive was manufactured in Sept 1955. Chassis number: 817838, engine number: G 5094-8, matching numbers. 

It was bought in 1982 by Mr Canal and restored in 1984 in South of France. It was then acquired in 1992 by the founder of Eligor Miniatures, a famous french toy car maker, Louis Surber based in Martignat, France. Mr Surber used this car with his wife and family to do numerous rallies through France and Europe and took great care of it until he gave it to his son, Alexandre Surber, founder of AS Classic Engineering. Alexandre studied mechanics and spent a few years in the UK working alongside the best classic cars specialists, such as Guy Broad and Martin Greaves.

In 2016, he got approached by a family friend looking to buy an XK140 and decided to sell him his family XK and agreed to restore it before handing it to him. The car comes with a lovely Carmen red paint on black leather interior with black carpet, the paint is in great condition and the interior has a nice patina with no damage. Black mohair hood and hood cover are also in excellent condition as it was part of the restoration in 2018.

The suspension, braking and steering mechanisms have been removed, restored and optimised according to the rules of the art. The history of this automobile (27 years in the same family) is known and the complete Jaguar heritage certificate is its origin story.

The aesthetic presentation is excellent, the general line has no visual defects, the beltline dress has been restored, and everything is perfectly aligned. The paint is new and does not show any shock or deformation, the chassis has also been reconditioned.
The upholstery and door trims are new, the carpet and rugs are in excellent condition, the whole of the habitat presents a very nice general appearance.
All of the electrical harnesses have been taken over, reconditioned and restored while retaining the period attributes.
The vehicle is now equipped with an expansion tank, hydraulic power steering and front disc brakes.

The car was valued at 180,000€ in 2018 and has only covered 900km since.

About the XK 140

The Jaguar XK 140 replaced the famous XK 120 and was brought onto the market in 1954. The XK 140 was an evolution of the XK 120 with some visual differences and technical improvements. The handsome and dynamic features remained largely unchanged. New was the grille, which counted fewer vertical bars; the rear lights were larger, the bumpers were thicker, and the front indicators, which were placed on the front of the front wing. The important technical improvement was that the XK 140 was provided with a rack and pinion steering which greatly improved steering and driving.
The 3.4-litre XK engine was increased by an extra 30 hp. and produced a standard 190 hp. from that time onwards. Like the XK 120, the XK 140 was available as roadster, a larger DHC (Drop Head Coupe) and as FHC (Fixed Head Coupe) with a fixed steel roof. The XK 140 was built until 1957 was succeeded by the XK 150.