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SOLD - 1973 De Tomaso Pantera

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1973 Pantera L De Tomaso 

  • 7260 cars produced
  • Chassis #05718
  • 5.8 L V8 Ford Cleveland Engine
  • Original chassis, matching numbers, and factory rivets.
  • History with records dating back to 1981.
  • 73050 Miles
  • Vintage Racing Centerline Wheels with high-performance tires.
  • Comprehensive interior and mechanical enhancements.
  • Over 224 hours of dedicated restoration and maintenance by AS Classic Engineering.

The De Tomaso Pantera, launched in the early 1970s, was a remarkable blend of Italian design and American engineering. Imported to the U.S. by Ford and sold through Lincoln Mercury dealers, it faced initial quality issues, but Ford's subsequent involvement improved its build quality significantly. The Pantera was equipped with a powerful 5.8 L Ford Cleveland Engine, which underwent modifications in 1972 to meet US emissions standards and to run on lower octane standard fuel. 

Priced at around $10,000, the Pantera offered the exoticism of a European sports car at a more accessible price point. However, production numbers never reached the anticipated 10,000 units annually, just over 7,000 were produced. By 1974, Ford's partnership with De Tomaso ended, although De Tomaso continued production independently, introducing several models over the years. The Pantera's rarity and unique blend of cultures have since made it a valued piece in automotive history​.

Our car

This 1973 De Tomaso Pantera has been subject to an extensive array of enhancements, with quality, performance and durability in mind. The car's interior underwent a complete overhaul, carried out by All City Convertible's and Customs which is considered as a top upholstery shop in NW. This renovation included a custom aluminum dash, a carbon fiber gauge cluster, and Type R Leather red racing seats, a nice set of custom trim work under the front hood for a clean look covering the brake booster and battery. The driver's seat and firewall were redesigned for easy access, facilitating quick adjustments or servicing.

Mechanically, the Pantera has seen significant upgrades. A fully rewired electrical system by Pantera experts, coupled with a high-output 110AMP alternator, ensures reliability and modern functionality. The vehicle's handling has been refined with a rebuilt rack and pinion steering and upgraded brakes, enhancing its driving dynamics.

Under the hood, the engine, rebuilt by specialty shops, has clocked less than 1000 miles since its overhaul, total of 73050 miles today. The heart of the Pantera features custom work, including an extreme-performance high-rise intake manifold and a specially tuned Holley Performance Race Carburetor. Coupled with the engine is a ZF Transaxle, meticulously rebuilt by VRM Motorsports, ensuring seamless power delivery.

The commitment to quality extends to the car's lighting and soundproofing, with LED lighting, including turn signal mirrors, and high-quality soundproofing material used in the cabin and firewall. These modern additions not only improve visibility and comfort but also add to the car's overall appeal and usability.

Completing this extensive refurbishment, AS Classic Engineering performed a full service, including brake overhauls, changing rear brake discs, adjustment of running gear and shock absorbers, replacement of right and left rear wheel bearings, fluid change, complete gearbox cleaning, and servicing the engine. Additionally, the rear crankshaft oil seal was replaced along with all filters, and the bodywork was upgraded, reflecting a total of 224 hours of dedicated craftsmanship.

This De Tomaso Pantera has been under the care of true aficionados of the model, part of the Pantera Club in the US. The considerable investment in its restoration and maintenance highlights the car as not only high-performing and visually impressive but also distinctively modernized in its appeal.