Bloody Heroes Bracelet on Magma Red Cord


The Bloody Heroes collection celebrates the legends all throughout motorsport’s long and illustrious history, both on and off the track. It is a tribute to all the men and women who risked – and sometimes lost – their lives pursuing the automotive passion we all share.
A portion of the proceeds from each bracelet will be donated to Blood Cancer for Children.

The Mechanists Steering Wheel bracelet is a synonym of Personal Freedom and Mechanic Emotions.

Each Bracelet is crafted by hand thanks to the artisanal savoir-faire of a British workshop.





Bracelet Specs.

Model ▪ Bloody Heroes
Year Prod. ▪ 2018
Country ▪ United Kingdom
Body Type ▪ 925 Sterling Silver
Steering Wheel Size ▪ 25mm diameter
Kerb Weight ▪ 2.4g approx.
Cord ▪ Magma Red Cord – adjustable manually
Side ▪ LHD & RHD


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