Racing Green Steering Wheel on Jet Black Cord

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The Mechanists Steering Wheel bracelet is a synonym of Personal Freedom and Mechanic Emotions.

Each Bracelet is crafted by hand thanks to the artisanal savoir-faire of a British workshop.

The British Racing Green Collection celebrates the time when racing was more of a contest between nations rather than manufacturers and teams.

All orders from the 17th of December 2018 should expect delivery by the first week of January 2019.

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Model ▪ British Green Racing
Year Prod. ▪ 2017
Country ▪ United Kingdom
Body Type ▪ Sterling Silver Steering Wheel
Size ▪ 25mm diameter
Kerb Weight ▪ 2.4g approx.
Cord ▪ Jet Black Cord – adjustable manually
Side ▪ LHD & RHD


The rules of the race were simple: each entrant had to run a car built in their own country and its driver had to be of that nationality. Every year, the race was also hosted in the country of the previous winner.

Britain first competed in 1902 with Olive green as — red, white and blue — were already taken by America, Germany and France, respectively. That year, British driver Selwyn Edge won the race. Throughout the years, the colour has largely adorned British cars and became one of the most iconic in the automotive world.


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