Designer Tommaso Spinzi makes you sit in S-Class

Taking cues from the legendary Mercedes of the 1960s, the Gentlemen Driving Armchair was created to be the perfect chair for classic car enthusiasts.

[Founder of Spinzi Design, Tommaso Spinzi is a creative designer and Interior Decoration and Furniture Design consultant.]

Exuding the quality and style of those bulletproof Mercedes saloons, the design of the Gentlemen Driving Armchair remains unquestionably modern while echoing the spirit of Germany’s most iconic automobiles. The dark green leather and vertical stitching closely match the beautifully rich leather interior belonging to designer Tommaso Spinzi’s own green-on-silver 280 SE, while the profile of the backrest mimics headrests shared by many Mercedes of the era.

The Gentlemen Driving Armchair is a unique tribute to the automotive enthusiast’s love of driving and our relationship with the iconic cars of the 60s.

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Words by @mikeysnelgar

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