Retromobile 2019

Photo by Jamil Jafri

I could tell you what Retromobile is about but I’m sure the name makes it apparent. What I’m here to tell you is why you should put this at the top of your car events list for 2020.

Photo by Hedi Sersoub

If you grew up with a fascination for race cars and anything rare and quirky but never got the chance to see them in the metal – this is the one event that will not only give you the opportunity to see (pretty much) all of them. If this event doesn’t make you feel like a giddy child again I doubt little else will.

Photo by Jamil Jafri

Remember those one-off concept cars that got you imagining all the possibilities of the future? There’s plenty of those here. When you see them it’s fascinating to see how accurate they were and, in some cases, even comical to see how far off they were.

Photo by Jamil Jafri

It’s very easy to Google a long-standing car model to see each of its iterations over time but it doesn’t compare to seeing a car from each era of production side by side. When you see them all together you can begin to understand, not only, the design and technical evolution of the models but also how they’ve evolved to our needs. It says much about us as consumers more than it does about what it technologically possible.

Photo by Jamil Jafri

There’s a collection of cars from almost any racing series imaginable: Touring car championships, WRC, 24 Hours of LeMans, Formula 1 – the list goes on. With such a huge variety of cars on show its no wonder why Retromobile Expo lasts for four days. If you plan on going I strongly recommend that you spend at least a night in Paris.



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