Classics & Cake by Duke of London

The Duke

The difference between Duke of London and most of the other Classic cars dealers is the connection with the enthusiasts, he is one of the few who treats young and not so young the same way.

No matter what you are looking for or what drove you to him, his hospitality and education will make you feel more comfortable than in any other dealers before.


Family Thing

It’s a family thing as Lance and Algy (Merlin’s Father and Brother) from Romance of Rust are also restoring and doing beautiful handwork on metal (see the DB4GT being converting in a Zagato). Those three boys are capable to almost do anything for the ones who need to get their Madame healthy.

When the family shares the same passion, beautiful things happen and the Classics & Cakes is one of them.


Once a month, on a Sunday, you will find kids dragging their parents from one car to another begging for a ride or at least a picture with their dream cars.

“Passion starts early and goes deep ”

We hope to see you to the next one to talk cars and devour homemade cakes – the money collected from coffee and cakes goes directly to the research for cancer.


Thank you, Merlin!



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