Don’t Call Me Baby!

Another tribute to Zagato Art Work.

The Alfa Romeo Tubolare Zagato (TZ) coupé or referred as ‘baby GTO’ was conceived in 1959 to replace the SZ using most of the Giulia series assemblies, but with a radical tubular space frame chassis and lightweight Zagato body. These advanced traits made the TZ much more purpose-built for racing than the standard Giulia.

Amy Shore Photography

Wanting a return to racing, company president Giuseppe Luraghi approached ex-Ferrari engineer Carlo Chiti to produce the Tubulare Zagato (TZ). Chiti then setup Autodelta in March of 1963 to foster this new agreement. As the TZ1 progressed and became successful,

Autodelta increasingly became Alfa Romeo’s racing wing until the company was eventually purchased by the firm. In 1962, the TZ was first shown on Zagato’s stand at the Turin Motorshow. It was later sold in 1963 with an 112 bhp engine identical to the one on the Sprint Special: this engine was then further developed for the TZ1 in participation in Grand Touring Category races. It was later offered with twin-spark ignition and 160bhp under the Italian dress.

Credit to our friends Amy Shore @amyshorephotography for Classic Driver @classicdriver
Find her full work on the TZ – here

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