Oui Monsieur, La Déesse! 

Some initiative, avant-garde, communication, these are the main features of a French company founded in 1919 by a real entrepreneur, visionary for his time: André Citroën. Each of its cars was a formidable technological leap for the entire automotive industry. With the DS (followed by ID), the firm gave carte blanche to its study office to imagine the car of the 2000s.

The DS also owes its immediate and far-reaching success to technical solutions such as hydropneumatic suspension, power steering, automatic clutch or disc brakes (a performance hardly experienced at the time on the Jaguar at the 24 Hours Of Le Mans), as many virtues that will save General de Gaulle during the Petit-Clamart attack on August 22, 1962: riddled with bullets and rolling on two rims because of broken tires, thanks in particular to its automatic clutch and to the dexterity of its driver, the presidential DS reached its destination “safely…” It was said at the time, if De Gaulle had been in another car, it would have been cooked.

The President of the Republic, struck by the beauty of the DS, made it his official car and that of all high state functions. A black DS, version Prestige, so modern and statutory that industrialists and businessmen eager to buy it; So chic and French, that Jacqueline Kennedy adored being carried around in Paris.

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